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Hi Lisa, My Oskar Turned one year old yesterday, he’s a beautiful big boy (16) lbs. so glad to have found you and my fur baby! He is well loved!!

Good evening,
We wanted to write to share some photos of Bleecker and Madison all grown up (formely Frankie and Paris). We have had them for a little over a year now and they bring us so much joy. As you can see from the photos, they are very close and love playing together. We wanted to write a year later to thank Dollinska Ragdolls for helping us build our happy family. I saw the litter with Simon, Steve, Sabastian, Sienna and wondered if they share Bleecker’s mom or dad.
Ragdoll kitties have such an incredible temperament and make us smile everyday.
Hope you and all your kitties are happy and well!
Ainslie & Andy

Hello!  Thought you might like to hear how Monte is doing.  Well, he is certainly growing—weighs 9.5 lbs at 6 months and has a hearty appetite.  It is OK to switch flavors with his food; he thinks everything is good!  Monte likes to play fetch with a very small ball or a wadded up piece of paper.  When I throw the toy, he will bring it back over and over.  He sleeps in bed with us, usually all night, and he purrs loudly when touched.  We are very attached to him and feel like he has been a part of the family for a long time even though he just came to live with us at the end of June.  Monte has a very friendly disposition and goes over to see any visitors who come into the house.  WE THINK HE  IS A WONDERFUL CAT!


I would like to start off by saying thank you so much to my friend and kitty mentor, Lisa. She has been such a great help, advice giver and overall friend when and after getting my bundles of fur ball joy. I first met Lisa in October of 2012. Her home was beautiful, spotless and full of love. She brought out my first ever kitten who is now named Liono (after Liono, Lord of the Thundercats) and I just melted. He has become my best bud and has truly brought joy into my life especially during a low point personally. Lisa provided me with a wealth of information and continues to do so. Liono has grown up to be such a handsome boy so much so, he turns heads where ever I take him. He has such a great temperament that I’m able to take him to work and he follows me around and comes on command, he can even fetch! That is a true testament to Lisa’s breeding style and approach to how she raises her kittens; they are well socialized and behaved. After a year of having Liono, I decided to move to a larger place. Because it was bigger and on the first floor of a building, Liono was feeling a bit overwhelmed and wasn’t his happy self. I took him to the vet and she recommended getting him a buddy. I immediately called Lisa. This is when Caesar came in to our lives. There is nothing I can say to describe Caesar other than, he is gorgeous. I haven’t gotten around to it, but I will show him in the near future. When I brought Caesar back to my place on August 16th 2013, he made himself right at home. Jumping right out of the carrier and running out to investigate his new digs, he met his brother Liono. There was a little hissing but after three days, I caught them on my bed; Liono cleaning him, they bonded and became like “peas and carrots.”

Lisa and Dollinska Ragdoll is small and personal cattery that will never disappoint. I recommend her to anyone looking for one of these beautiful fluffs of love. She will become a lifelong friend and mentor and never hesitates to help. Thank you Lisa for everything, Liono and Caesar have truly brought me so much joy and happiness.


Hi Lisa,
Due to the Death of our Blue Point Himalayan Male, whose name was ‘Blue’ because of his beautiful eyes, and because of my Back Issues, he was my companion, bringing me comfort! Then we found you, and you sent us several Pic’s of the Kittens you had in the litter, and there HE was… Simon! He is such a beautiful solid white Ragdoll, with the deepest Blue Eyes, that we’ve seen!!! The picture that ‘sealed’ the deal for me, was the one were he was wearing his ‘Crown’ meowing!!! Right then and there, I knew, he was meant for us!!!

I’ve enclosed the picture of him, with his ‘Crown’, and the most Recent one of him, that I sent you, and you can include those in the testimonial!

Thanks Again, for the most wonderful cat ever!!!
Ed Lawrence

simon8-23-14 simon8-23-14a

Hi Lisa,
I am forwarding this picture to you. I hope all is well. Jazzy is a wonderful addition to our family. She is besties with our collie and can be found playing hide and seek or snuggles around his legs. She is at home in the house and as you can see fell asleep in a crystal bowl. She has climbed on a window and tried to climb to the top.I never have a camera or phone when she is up to her antics, but I wil try and get you more pictures. She is gorgeous and getting prettier each day but beyond that she has the most amazing personality, full of energy and spunk but very attentive and loving, everything you told us she would be she definitely is! We could not have asked for a more wonderful cat. Everyone who meets her marvels at her behavior. She steals dog cookies and runs with them and the dogs ( collie )lets her. She carries dog bones and plays with their toys . She watches as I knit and sits by my feet. She follows us from room to room. As I write this she is sitting by my side. I hope your days are filled with the pleasures of owning these wonderful creatures. Again thank you so much for a wonderful healthy kitten.

Hi! We took home our Frankie (he was “Max” when we got him) this January and wanted to let you know how much we love him! I’ve been meaning to send you some photos for a while now, so here you go!

Frankie is so sweet and affectionate, if we ever decide to adopt another ragdoll we will certainly reach out to you.

Thank you again for the perfect companion!

frankie-now frankie-before
Frankie before and Frankie now

It was last July that we met and one year since Charlie was born! My husband and I have had cats for our entire married life (40 years this June). We have had rescue cats…Persian and Siamese and loveable alley cats. All have brought joy and challenges. After our last cat died, we went for almost a year until we decided to bring another into our home. That is when our paths crossed.
We heard about Ragdolls and went online to find out all we could about that breed. We came upon your cattery and had lots of questions for you. After talking with you for only a few minutes, I knew you were the one that I would get my next kitten from. There was an instant connection. So we scheduled our visit and we were welcomed into your home as if we were long time friends. We walked into your kitchen and there were the sweetest little Ragdoll babies running around. I fell in love! How could I choose just one? There were two that I could not imagine not having for my own. I looked at my husband and he knew….two it would be!

You kept in touch with us until it was time for us to pick them up. They were spayed and neutered, had all their shots, and were checked out by your vet. We signed the papers and were given a bag full of food and toys…even a scratching post…all the things that these kittens were used to. We were advised to have them checked at our vet within a few days and to call if any questions or concerns came up. Oh, we were new parents again….all the thrill and excitement came flooding back.

We went to see our vet within 2 days and I had to keep my eyes on Charlie and Lily…the staff too fell in love and wanted to take them home. LOL Healthy, was the word we were given. Enjoy them!
It was a few weeks later that I noticed Lily didn’t seem quite right. It came to be that she had the FIP virus. We contacted you many times and you were so helpful and caring and hurting as much as we were. With the help of our vet, we did what was best for Lily.

A short time later I got a call from you saying you were getting Lily’s mother neutered and she would no longer be used for breeding. You also said you had 2 kittens you wanted us to see. My heart was broken and wasn’t ready to get another but my husband insisted. Once again I fell in love! This little Ragdoll kitten I knew would help heal my broken heart. When we were ready to leave you told us she is ready to go with you today and was “given” to us. On our way home, we talked about what a nice person you were, how you love and care for your kitten babies, and how helpful you were to us and we were so thankful our paths crossed.

Charlie fell in love with his new “sister”! They bring so much joy to our home. They are happy and so patient with our young grandchildren when they come to visit. Wherever one is the other is not far behind!

Thank you Lisa for breeding and raising Ragdolls Your personality shines through in all you do. They are an amazing breed. Continue doing what you do best….raising beautiful, happy, healthy Ragdolls. Your home was spotless and the kittens were happy and very intuitive. No cages. No ear mites. No fleas. No worms. Just happy kittens. Who knows, we may add more Ragdolls in the near future. Be sure, if we do, you will be the person we contact!
Thank you again.
Meg O.

Hi Lisa,
The last time I had a cat it was over a decade ago.  I thought about it and started researching catteries.  I came across Dollinska Ragdolls and contacted Lisa!  The rest was easy!  The entire process from getting to know the kittens, to deciding which two would be best for me, to picking them up and bringing them home was lovely.  I got a little worried when they came home because they seemed shy, I had forgotten how some cats need time to adjust.  Lisa was wonderful in supporting me via email and phone until the little cuties decided I was “safe”! Now they follow me everywhere – EVERYWHERE!  I brought the brother and sister home at 16 weeks, spayed and neutered.  They are healthy, thriving, gorgeous and funny.  These cats are loyal to their owner, flop like ragdolls, soft as bunnies, are easy to groom and purr the minute you start to pet them!  Lisa has continued to be a valuable and appreciated resource!


Hi Lisa!
I just wanted to express how much I enjoy all of your beautiful Ragdolls and what a wonderful person and Breeder you are…

In 2004, my husband, Rob & I decided that we wanted a Ragdoll after seeing several at the Cat Show. I checked online at a few sites and was impressed with Dollinska Ragdolls. I left a message and within 20 minutes, Lisa returned my call. She was on her way to a Communion party but still made extra time to talk with me. We set up an appointment so Rob and I could meet the kittens…. We decided to stop on our way to Niagara Falls (vacation) that morning. Lisa was so sweet and greeted us with a smile. Her home was so clean and there were several kitties walking around… we were very impressed! Rob and I were interested in a male and the only male she had available was a Seal Point. Well, as soon as she let us meet that baby, it was love at first sight. We told her without hesitation that we will take the kitten and immediately, gave her a deposit. We also got to meet his parents who were beautiful and sociable. Rob and I said how much the baby looked like a little teddy bear and we decided to name him Jaspurr. I was counting down the weeks and days until Jaspurr would be coming home with us and finally, that special day arrived. We were both so excited! Jaspurr will now be celebrating his 10th Birthday on March 27, 2014.

Since then, Rob and I are now owned by a total of 8 gorgeous and healthy Ragdolls, one of which is our newest member of the family, Whispurr. She is our only girl and what a sweetheart. We have always had a soft heart for males but after getting her, we couldn’t be happier. When you purchase a Ragdoll kitten from Dollinska Ragdolls, you are not only getting a gorgeous baby, but you are also getting a guarantee from a wonderful and devoted Breeder. A health guarantee, your baby will be spayed/neutered at 12 weeks and all shots are up to date. She will also suggest that you take your kitten to your own Vet which I have done with all of mine and think is a great idea and should be suggested by all Breeders! You’re also getting a guarantee that other breeders may not promise and that is a person who will always be there for you and won’t consider you “just” a customer…. she will consider you a friend as well. You’ll also be sent home with a folder on your baby, starter kit with written info and food and of course, a little gift for baby. Rob and I can honestly say from the bottom of our hearts that Lisa takes such pride and devotion in her Cattery, cats, kittens, home and her customers. I have also referred several friends and family members to Lisa and they are very happy with their Raggies. One of my friends traveled as far as North Carolina to meet Lisa and purchased one of her babies.

I would now like to introduce our Ragdolls who are also our babies from Dollinska Ragdolls:

– JASPURR (Seal Point)
– ASPEN (Blue Point)
– SNOWMITTS (Seal Mitted)
– BISCOTTI (seal Bi Color)
– CANNOLI (Flame Lynx Mitted)
– MONTE CARLO (Blue Bi Color)
– FROSTY (Rare White)
– WHISPURR (Rare White) “kitten”

I would also like to add this note that I highly recommend Dollinska Ragdolls (Lisa Steegmueller) if you are interested in purchasing a Ragdoll kitten or retired cat. No matter what age, they are all so beautiful, healthy and well taken care of. Most importantly, you are getting a cat from a lovely lady who you can trust will always be there for you to answer any questions you may have. In my book, that is surely a Seal Of Approval.

Thanks again Lisa for everything but especially for producing such fine Ragdolls and raising them in a happy, clean and healthy environment.

Barbi & Rob Marino

January 8, 2014
Dear Lisa,

I just wanted to send you a note regarding all of the wonderful kittens have I gotten from you over the past 5 years.
I love all the Ragdoll babies both male and female, that I have received from your Dollinska Cattery.

I always wanted a Ragdoll, and after speaking to many breeders that raise these wonderful cats, I finally found you. I felt like I found the person I could trust to get the cat that would be the best addition to my family, and I was right.

I found the first kitten I was interested in on your website and gave you a call.
I found you to be friendly, straight forward and the kind of person I knew raised wonderful Ragdoll Babies.

We spoke several times and I gained confidence that you were the person that I wanted to work with.

Although I did not live in your area, I knew I wanted a kitten from you and I was willing to fly to bring my new baby home.

We finally arranged to get the kitten I selected, to me by a woman who would fly to my town and hand deliver my new little boy.

I was so excited, I could not wait for him to arrive. You and I spoke repeatedly about this little boy, and spoke often about his development. You sent me updated photos of his growth and when the he was old enough to leave his mother he arrived at the airport with his personal escort, alert, social, healthy and absolutely well adjusted, and super friendly.

This little boy quickly made himself at home with my other cats and bird, as if he had lived with us forever.
I was more than satisfied. I was “Thrilled!”

I was so satisfied, that a while later I was excited to add a little girl to my home. Again I was absolutely in love with her wonderful temperament and looks.

Over the years I have added 5 of your kittens to my home and I am about to get another.

I would get my Ragdoll kittens only from you.

You have always delivered exactly what was promised and all kittens have come to me Healthy, Happy, Fearless and Well Socialized. They all have arrived litter and scratching post trained.

Each kitten arrived with a weeks worth of the food they grew up eating and a toy from home.

The lady who delivered them just raved about how friendly they were and how well they did with her on the flight.

You continue to be supportive and my go to person whenever I have a question about my cats’ well being.

Please feel free to give my contact information to anyone who wants to add one of your kittens to their family and I will gladly let them know how tremendously satisfied with all of the wonderful kittens I have received from you since 2008.

Patricia Cooper

In the fall of 2012 my husband and I were looking for a breeder in Pennsylvania for a Ragdoll kitten since we also live in Pennsylvania and wanted to purchase a kitten without having to drive a long distance. We searched online and found Dollinska Ragdolls Cattery in Lansdale, Pennsylvania which is an hour and a half from our house.

When I called to inquire if any kittens were available, I talked to the owner, Lisa Steegmueller who was very courteous and helped me choose a kitten by describing 2 colors she had available. Having no previous knowledge of ragdoll cats or their colors, I asked Lisa to explain the differences in the two colors she had available. Lisa very kindly took the time to describe the two colors she had so I could make an informed choice. I then sent her a deposit to hold a kitten for me that would be ready in 6 weeks. When the day came to pick up our kitten, my husband and I were greeted by Lisa who brought our new baby to us and put her in our arms. Our kitten was so beautiful, and in immaculate condition. Her home was immaculate, and there was not one hint of any cat odors.

We held our new kitten for a few minutes and then put her in the carrier we had brought to transport her home. Lisa then gave us our kitten’s papers showing the vaccinations the kitten had already been given, and also gave us a supply of kitten food – both canned and dry to start our kitten off on the right foot. Lisa also encouraged us to take our new kitten to our own vet for examination.

My husband and I were so impressed with both the condition of the kitten and the courteous way Lisa handled our transaction, that we asked if she happened to have any other kittens available. Lisa said she did and brought another kitten to show us that would be ready for adoption in another month. That kitten also was in excellent condition, so we immediately gave Lisa a deposit to hold it for us to pick up 4 weeks later.

When the time came, we drove to Dollinska Ragdoll Cattery again and got to hold our newest baby before we put her into her carrier to take home. Once again, Lisa gave us our kitten’s vaccination folder along with some food, and just as before, she encouraged us to take our kitten to our own vet for examination.

On the Dollinska website, Lisa states that she will always be there as a friend after the sale, and she has lived up to that promise. Having never owned a Ragdoll cat, I contacted Lisa several times with questions on how to care for our new kittens – such as brushing and what kind of brush and/or comb to use, and how much to feed, and about their overall personalities and behaviors. Lisa always immediately has answered my questions with kindness, courtesy and patience, and it has made me feel that her breeding of these beautiful Ragdoll cats is more than a business with her. You can tell she truly loves her cats and wants to make sure they are going to good homes.

I would highly recommend Dollinska Ragdoll Cattery to anyone wanting to adopt a Ragdoll cat that is clean, healthy, and will give one so much joy and happiness. Lisa Steegmueller is both a breeder of beautiful Ragdoll cats, and a friend who makes one feel like she truly cares about the care and welfare of her cats long after they’ve been adopted to the new owner.

Thank you Lisa!

Dear Lisa,

I wanted to write and tell you how much we love our Ragdolls! When my husband, daughter, mother and I came to your home in July 2013, after searching numerous breeder websites, we knew this was the place for us. Your home was inviting and immaculate and we could all see how much you love your fur babies. It was such a pleasure to see how the kittens are a part of your family, and how they have plenty of play space within your home. That day in July, my Mom purchased Mia from you, and I was convinced that, when the right time came for me, I would return for one of your Ragdolls as well. Mia is the most beautiful blue bicolor girl, and she just adores her Cocker Spaniel, Lance. They are inseparable, and it’s such a beautiful sight to see. Unexpectedly, as it turned out, I came back in December 2013, after losing my beloved Siamese after 17 years. I called you and the timing could not be any more perfect; you had a beautiful seal bicolor male just waiting for me! I can’t begin to tell you how much we love our little Alvin! He has the most perfect markings and is a complete love bug! My 4 1/2 old daughter adores him and he’s so good with her and our 8 year old English Setter, Chloe. He truly completes our family and is joy to have with us. We all want to sincerely thank you for giving us the privilege to own two of your babies. Keep doing what you do best; raising and caring for the most, loved, healthy, and beautiful cats around. You are truly one of a kind and completely dedicated to your fur baby family. We will never be able to thank you enough!

Best wishes always, Kathy, Kathleen, John and Alana (Chloe and Lance, too).

Hi Lisa
My 10 month old ragdoll hilley, is everything one could want from this magnificent breed. he has brought joy, fun, and constant companionship to me. his disposition, mild temperment, and good nature makes him so easy to love and cuddle. he has been a perfect fit for my busy household; so amazing how he loves other people, even strangers. he actually runs to the door if someone is there, and greets the mailman. hilley possesses all the attributes that are described when the history of ragdolls is researched. i do think what stands out and makes him so special is the way he was bred and raised long before he became part of our family. he was highly socialized at such a young age by his breeder. not only is lisa from dollinska ragdolls a reliable and responsible breeder, she is compassionate, devoted, caring, and loving to all her kittens, spending much time with them in order to get them soclialized and ready for a loving home. one can be sure to have a loving and devoted companion for life if it is from dollinska ragdolls. hilley has left a mark on my heart and soul and a twinkle in my eye and i cannot say enough or thank you s on behalf of his breeder, lisa from dollinska ragdolls.

Thank you, Linda